Friday, June 10, 2016

Blowing Rocks Preserve

So, it's been a while. Took a (more than) little blogging break but I have already been to a few incredible places this year with my family and need to share. Hopefully I can find the time to be more consistent!

We have many adventures planned for this summer and the first one we ventured out to was Blowing Rocks Preserve near Jupiter Beach.

So, living in Florida, big rocks on the  beach is a pretty cool thing. We have plenty of beaches with rocks, but not rocks like these, limestone rocks, that line the whole shore. It was pretty magical. 
When the tide is high, the waves beat the rocks and "blow" the water up and out of the rocks.
Unfortunately, we missed high tide (typical), and did not get to see this glorious show. 
That being said, the beach was one of the most beautiful beaches I have seen in Florida (and I've been to most of them). The water was clear and blue. We even saw a sea turtle drifting along in the ocean. Getting to the beach, you walk through a tunnel of sea grapes, which my kids thought was awesome.

They also enjoyed climbing and jumping off the rocks and playing in the ocean. Amazingly, there were hardly any people there, which gave them free range of the beach!

My son especially loved playing and hiding in the rocks.

The beach extends a little over a mile and the dramatic shoreline is  the most distinct in Florida. It was preserved by the locals in 1969 and later relinquinshed to the Nature Conservancy. If you're lucky, you can witness sea turtles laying their eggs on this stretch of beach. More than 600 sea turtles lay their eggs here every summer.  There is also a nice hike along the Indian River Lagoon behind the Hawley Environmental Center, where we parked our car. Remember to hide your valuables, which we learned the hard way..

Other than our car getting broke into  (nothing too valuable was stolen), we had a great day exploring and playing at this amazing beach.

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse


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