Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fun at the Fire Station

For the second year in a row my little guy chose to be a fireman for Halloween. This was a good thing since in our homeschool we have been talking about community helpers. On halloween, I decided we would take him up to the fire station to meet some real firemen and bring them some treats to thank them for all that they do for our community. I can't tell you how excited my little guy was when they offered him a tour of the fire station and fire trucks!

The firemen explained to him about the different trucks and what they do and showed him the fire pole and let him roll out the fire hose from the truck, which was his favorite! He was allowed to climb up in the firetruck and the fireman turned on the flashing lights for him. This was such a fun learning experience for him and he had a blast!

My husband and I even got into character with him by dressing up as the "fire" and the dalmation fire dog. Another fun and educational halloween in the books!

                  "Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself." -John Dewey

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