Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Let's Build!

I do so much exploring, creating and crafting during the week with my little guy, which is so rewarding for me, that I get pretty excited when the first Saturday of the month comes around and my husband gets a chance to spend some time doing a project and connecting with him. The Home Depot kids workshop is a great program that sets up a building project on this day for kids to participate in. It's wonderful for my husband because they have the project planned out and ready to go so there is no advanced planning to be done on his part. This makes it super easy for him and our little guy to spend some quality bonding time together while building a fantastic project!

My little guy has built a football game, a car, and this past Saturday he surprised me with a wonderful flower pot for (an early) Mother's Day present! It gives him such a sense of accomplishment to put these projects together with the help of dad. It also helps with his fine motor skills by placing the nails and learning to use the hammer and with learning how to follow directions by putting the pieces of the project together. Then he paints the projects which adds to the fun! They also give you an apron, a certificate of acheivement, and a pin that displays the building project that you created!

I would recommend everyone to try out a Home Depot kids workshop! I am sharing this post because we have just recently found out about these workshops a few months ago and it has been such an enjoyable experience for my husband and little guy to do together. Mom's of course could do it as well, but I love how my husband gets involved with him and they build together!

Happy Building!


  1. That is so cool. I will have to check our local Home Depot. Certainly easier than trying to come up with my own.

  2. Yes it is! Thanks for visiting!