Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Learning About Lizards

My little guy has been fascinated with lizards since he first started toddling around. He loves to search for them in our backyard and observe them, so I thought it would be fun for us to spend a week focusing on them by doing some learning activities and crafts. My husband has been catching lizards for him to look at since he was itty bitty and my little guy has learned to put his hand out in front of the lizard so it can crawl on him, if the lizard desires to do so. This is a gentle way to see the lizard up close, but not hurt it in any way. We jokingly call him the lizard whisperer, because more times than not, the lizard will crawl up his arm not scared at all! We upcycled a grape juice container by cutting out a square on the side of it and taping a piece of tulle over the square to make a temporary lizard habitat. My little guy filled it with leaves, sticks and grass for the lizard to hide in and it was a great spot for him to observe the lizard for a couple of hours. When it was time to let the lizard go, we just took the lid off and it crawled right out!

We made a fun and simple lizard out of a large popsicle stick. He painted the stick his favorite color (orange) and decorated it with black polka dots. He stuck google eyes on him and added the feet and tail (which were made from pipe cleaners) with tape. You could also glue them on, but tape was quicker and less messy for us. He played with this thing all day long! He pretended it was a real lizard and stuck it in our bushes outside and in the lizard habitat we made from the juice container. It may as well have been his new pet!

We talked about how "L" is for lizard and I found this cute lizard printable from Get Er Done, Momma, which was perfect for our letter lesson. My little guy colored it and we assembled the lizard. He was pretty proud of it!

We read some good books about lizards including these:
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And we learned some fun facts about lizards, too! 

Did You Know:

Like snakes, lizards smell with their tongues and shed their skin.

Lizards can escape if caught by their tail, by detaching it from a weak vertebra link and will grow another one later. The new tail will be smaller and will contain no bones.

Some lizards, like the chameleon, can change colors. This camouflage can help protect them from predators and is a way to communicate with other lizards.

Lizards eat mostly insects and can live for more than 30 years!

We had so much fun learning about lizards!


  1. I love the cute crafts to help learn about lizards! I didn't know they lived so long. (And I've always thought they were kind of cute - in a lizard-y kind of way! lol!)

    1. Thanks, Emma! My son thinks they are the coolest because he thinks they look like tiny dinosaurs!

  2. Welcome! Lots of lovely activities for the topic of lizards - a fun way to learn. Thanks for linking up and sharing your lovely photos of outdoor fun with Country Kids.

  3. That looks so awesome! I am a bit scared of them but this is an amazing experience for kids! Always nice to feel them! I will try to make those craft with my son if we have time =) #countrykids

    1. Me too! I would rather just observe them from afar!

  4. Great activities! I'm featuring tomorrow on Family Fun Friday at www.africatoamerica.org Thanks for linking up!

  5. I love little lizards! It looks like your son really enjoyed this learning unit!