Wednesday, May 21, 2014

12 Easy and Sugar Free Homemade Popsicle Recipes

Nothing beats eating a cold, delicious popsicle on a steaming hot summer day. My kiddos love nothing more in summer time than to splash in the pool eating more popsicles than I can count, leaving them to drip and drip and stain their faces. We love making our own popsicles especially since most store bought popsicles are packed full of sugar or artificial stuff. Making your own popsicles is so easy and so much more healthier than the store bought ones. Plus, it's fun to do with your kids. I feel no guilt about letting my kiddos eat as many of these popsicles as they want during the hot summer months because I know exactly what is in them, that they are sugar free and that they are adding nutritional value to their growing bodies!

Both of my kids love this super simple popsicle made from fruit and juice. My teenager and my little guy regularly make this one together. First, you need popsicle molds, which you can find here. Fill the molds with blueberries, rasperries and kiwi slices. Then fill the molds with a light juice (we use white grape juice). Freeze overnight and then enjoy!

Very easy and so yummy! Below is a list with links of our most favorite sugar free popsicle recipes.

Peach Popsicles from Chocolate and Carrots
Orange Creamsicles from Oven Love
Blueberry Vanilla Yogurt Popsicles from The Slow Roasted Italian
All Natural Strawberry Ice Cream Bars from Happiness is Homemade
Sugar Free Banana Popsicles from Vegalicious
Fruit Layered Ice Pops from Raw Edibles
Watermelon Whole Fruit Popsicles from Nourishing Meals
Honeydew Cucumber Mint Popsicles from Nourishing Meals
Mango Yogurt Popsicle from My Darling Lemon Thyme
Creamy Coconut, Mango and Banana Popsicle from The Makeshift Nest
Pea Wee Kiwi Popsicles from Weelicious

Happy Summer!


  1. Great list! Pinned to my Popsicles board!

  2. Thank you, Georgina! We love them all!

  3. So fun. Perfect time of year for these.

  4. Flawless time of year for these. We adore every one of them!

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