Sunday, April 6, 2014

Paper Mache Easter Eggs

With Easter just around the corner, I thought it was time over the weekend to start doing a fun Easter craft. My little guy likes any activity that is messy, so I thought we would try our hand at some paper mache eggs. We mixed up our own "glue" which was 1/2 cup flour, 1 cup warm water and and about 2 tsp. of salt. As I was getting the rest of the materials together, my little guy had fun pouring out the whole container of salt and "making art" because obviously the mess we were making with the paper mache wasn't big enough..:)

 I grabbed the balloons and tissue and crepe paper. I wanted to try both kinds of paper to see which one was better and the crepe paper won. It was a bit more sturdier than the tissue paper and held the "glue" better. I tore the paper into strips and blew up the balloons. We sat the ballons up in the bowls and then dipped the paper into the "glue" and then wrapped them around the balloons until there was no more balloon showing. We put 2-3 layers on. Then we let the paper dry overnight.

The next day they were dry and I popped the ballon inside. They turned out pretty good! They would be cute hung up with a ribbon for decoration just as they are. I decided I wanted to cut out the middle to see if they would hold stuff inside. They would be good as gifts filled with candy or Easter decorations, which is what we put in them!

                                         We had a blast making these paper mache Easter eggs!


  1. Those look great! And a ton of fun to make!

  2. Cute! They remind me of the sugar Easter eggs we always had as kids!