Sunday, April 27, 2014

Visiting the Farm

My little guy adores animals and what better way to get up close and personal with them than visiting the farm! We have such a wonderful farm nearby that my kiddos love to visit. On our trip to Green Meadows Farm, my little guy fed pigs, sheep, and goats. He had the opportunity to milk a cow, ride a pony and hold chickens and ducks. He traveled around the farm on a train ride and a hayride and was in awe of all the old tractors they had displayed around the farm. He enjoyed looking and learning about the ostriches, donkeys and turkeys and was intrigued with the water buffalo and zorse (a zebra and horse mix) that were on the farm. It was a fun day of learning about how a farm works and the different animals that were on the farm.

Here are some tips and fun farm activities to enhance your farm experience:

Check the Weather
All farms are outside. Many farms will close due to inclement weather. If it has recently rained, make sure you wear tennis shoes or boots (or crocs, which is my little guys shoe of choice) as many paths and animal cages are full of dirt and animal food, and it will probably be muddy.

Come Prepared
Don't forget to bring your sunscreen, hat and sunglasses. Also, you will want to bring your camera to capture all the memories of your farm adventure. Pack a lunch or make sure the farm you are going to has food for purchase. The farm we went to only had microwave hamburgers and corndogs, so I am glad I thought ahead and brought a healthy lunch and snacks for my kiddos.

Read Books About the Farm
Reading books is a wonderful way for children to get excited about going to the farm and learning a bit about the farm animals even before the farm experience begins. These are some of our favorite books about the farm:
Charlotte's Web
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When we returned from the farm, I did these activities with my little guy over the course of a week to enforce the things we saw and learned about the farm and the animals there:

Preschool Farm Learning Pack from Creative Preschool Resources
Farm Coloring Sheets from Free Homeschool Deals
Cow Door Hanger from Busy Bee Kids Crafts
Life Cycle of a Chicken from I Heart Crafty Things

My little guy learned so much through his hands on exposure to the animals at the farm and these fun crafts and activities!

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  1. Great ideas. We don't have any farms in our area. We did last year and I missed taking the kids to see baby animals this year.