Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Celebrating Earth Day with Kids

Teaching kids to appreciate and preserve nature is vital to the sustainability of our environment. Earth day is a great time to teach kids that they can make a difference in keeping the earth healthy and clean by preserving the environment and our resources everyday by recycling, not littering, not wasting water and protecting wildlife. It's important to talk to our children about the environment and the effects we have on it and ways we can make a difference for the good of the planet. There are so many activities that are fun for kids and teaches them to value the earth. Getting outside and paying attention to nature is a great start! Here is a list of some great activities to start your Earth Day celebration with your kiddos:

Volunteer Your Time to a Project to Help the Environment
The Nature Conservancy is a great resource for ways that you can help the environment. Depending on where you live, they have many opportunities to volunteer your time and a Nature Rocks program that gives you activity ideas for exploring and learning about nature and the environment with kids.

Adopt an Animal
The World Wildlife Federation has a program where you can adopt an animal from a polar bear to an African elephant. With your donation, which helps protect the future of nature, you receive a gift bag with a plush animal of what you have adopted, a species id card, photo, and an adoption certificate. 

Create a Nature Craft
Nature crafts are a great way to help kids observe nature and learn about the nature around them. Here are some of our favorite nature crafts:

Grow a Native Plant
Native plants are plants that grow naturally in your area. They use up less resources and take less work to grow. Native plants attract wildlife, like your local birds and butterflies, to your garden and they depend on the plants for food and shelter. Here is a native plant guide to help you find out which plants are native plants in your area.

Reuse or Recycle Something That You Would Normally Throw Away
Upcycle something old into something new. Make a toy or kid activity with these ideas:
Make a Water Wall Activity with plastic bottles

Color an Earth Day Picture
Here are some great Earth Day coloring sheets from epa.org that open up conversations about ways kids can help protect the Earth and keep the environment clean.

Read a Book About the Earth 

Here are some great books for kids that teach about conserving nature:
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Get Outside
Go fishing
 Go camping
Go kayaking or canoeing
Visit a botanical garden or a zoo
Take a nature walk and pick up any garbage that you see

Earth Day is only one day a year, but it is our responsibility to teach our kids to be conscious to protect it everday for future generations!