Thursday, April 3, 2014

Tape Resist Cross Easter Activity

My preschooler loves to do most any kind of craft. Coloring or painting...not so much. He gets bored fast just moving the crayon or paintbrush around, so I like to give him different things to work with. This tape resist is great because we used a sponge brush and it only took all of about 5 minutes to create! I taped down paint tape in the shape of a cross and let him pick out what paint colors he wanted to use. I put the acrylic paint on a paper plate and gave him the sponge brush and let him go at it. I love how he dabbed a big spot of yellow on the top left of the picture and said it was the sun.  He covered every inch of the paper with the paint and we let it dry.

After it was dry, I just pulled off the tape and there you have it! A super fun Easter painting that kept my preschooler engaged for 5 whole minutes!

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