Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Learning Math with Salt Dough

After our fish nature craft we made with salt dough, we had alot of salt dough left over. Since we had the playdoh toys out, my little guy wanted to continue playing. He started punching out  numbers with his playdoh number cutters and we lined them up in the correct order and did some counting. Then we punched out some circles...

I asked him to pick a salt dough number and then asked him what number it was. He knows most of his numbers through ten and can identify them. Then I asked him to put the amount of circles under the number. He would count the circles and then place them under the number...

   After he had gotten the correct number, I asked him to place a different number above the circles and put the correct amount of circles under the number again. As he put the different numbers above the circles he was adding and subtracting the amount of circles he needed. For example, above he had three circles and then he picked the 5 to put above the circles. So to make 5, he added 2 circles to the three circles that were already there.  He had so much fun and this activity reinforced the numbers he knew and helped him to understand adding and taking away!

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